When Creativity Revolutionizes the Horse Market

The horse market is paradoxical, on the one hand, this originally aristocratic sport is becoming totally democratized, like golf, on the other hand, the official equestrian community remains very conservative and attached to a strict and unchanging protocol.In between, a French company FLEX-ON, born from the meeting of an engineer and a rider, awakens the market for the greater good of riders.We met Caroline and Laurent Bordes, creators of this young company innovative which is galloping fast in its market!

How did the idea of revolutionizing the rider's stirrup come about?

We noticed that after 50 years, riders had difficulty walking due to joint problems, knees, ankles, they ended up limping and having to stop or shorten their riding time, with regret.minimize this problem for riders of all ages.We worked with sports labs to conduct a biomechanical study: we measured what is happening under the rider's foot.Then in collaboration with designers; We have designed a stirrup, combining metal and polyamide, which absorbs shocks.All in an eco-responsible approach using minimally recyclable materials.In 2014, we launched our first Flex-on stirrup, the Green composite, made in the South -Where is.

How was this cutting-edge innovation received in a conservative equestrian environment?

Our product, due to its qualities, was immediately unanimous.It offers what every athlete seeks, performance, comfort and safety.From the generic design, we have therefore declined 5 ranges adapted to different disciplines.equestrian (Jumping, complete, endurance, polo, Horse ball, dressage ...).The riders also greatly appreciated the possibility of customizing our stirrups, 100% custom configurable.We still have to refine our new product for racing, where weight is crucial for jockeys.The design of this high-tech stirrup is done with aeronautical experts to use carbon known for its strength and lightness.We will soon explore the Western, a new discipline emerging with many competitions in the world, which refers to the use of horses by herdsmen and their agility (slalom, lasso, etc.).Even if we are in a niche market, there is great potential because horse practices are constantly diversify.

Posted Date: 2020-12-25

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