Buying your own saddle is an important step to take as a rider.

When you choose to take the plunge, it is important to know how to choose a saddle adapted to your needs and your horse: indeed, not all saddles are suitable for all riders and especially not all horses. There are many brands of saddles and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around, especially when you want to buy your saddle online. Choosing a riding saddle adapted to your practiceDepending on your preferred discipline, your level and your type of practice, you will not need the same model of saddle.Used saddles for sale on the internet are legion. But the saddle is the most important accessory for any rider. How to find your way around and not make a mistake when buying a saddle? There are several parameters to take into account. Here are a few tips on how to find the saddle that suits both the rider and the horse.Before buying a second-hand saddleChoosing to buy a second hand saddle via websites such as Equirodi is an efficient way to find a high quality product at a reasonable price, adapted to the budget you wish to devote to it. Establish the latter with precision, choose your preferred model according to the use you will make of it: ride or sport. Require to try the saddle before buying it. Even if it looks great in the pictures, it may not be the right saddle for the horse, or for the horse’s comfort and yours. Establish your aesthetic, budgetary and technical criteria. Among other things, choose the colour, ask about the age of the saddle.Finding a saddle adapted to your horse’s morphologyThe advantage of a specialized classified ad website like Equirodi is that you will quickly and easily find the saddle of your dreams thanks to searches by brand, age, size or discipline. To make sure you find a comfortable saddle for the rider, there are two fundamentals to consider: the shape of the saddle which must leave enough room for the rider’s thighs between the swell and the edge and the width of the saddle which must correspond to the rider’s height. For example, if the rider is thin and light he will feel ‘lost’ if the seat is too wide. On the other hand, if the rider is strong and heavy, he will not have enough trim on a seat that is too narrow. It is therefore important to understand that seat sizes vary from one manufacturer to another, so buyers must find the size that suits them.What saddle should I choose for my horse?Ask what type of rider(s) (amateur, professional) did the saddle belong to and for what purpose was it used? The so-called “English” saddle is the most commonly used saddle, as it promotes the descent of the legs and clears the withers well. Each discipline has its own particular saddle model: dressage, jumping, cross-country, endurance, trekking, western, pony-games, amazon… mixed for a multi-disciplinary use. And each horse morphology has its own comfort of saddle. A narrow saddle will not be adapted to a “round” horse. It is essential to check that the saddle tree fits your horse’s back. For a horse with a protruding pommel, prefer a saddle that frees the withers.The most proposed by saddlersSome major brands offer saddles on their second-hand websites that can be ordered online and delivered to your home. Second-hand saddles are usually serviced in the workshop by craftsmen saddlers. These professionals will also be better able to advise you on the choice of saddle for your body shape and that of your frame. Finally, they can eventually take back your old second-hand saddle.

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